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View Diary: Your health plan changing? Employers, insurers largely to blame (100 comments)

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    Premiums increasing 10-20% per year, cutting benefits to try to stay in line with my revenue, that was never going to be sustainable.  And that was all happening well before the ACA, before Obama was elected, before the Iraq war started.

    For the last decade plus a significant portion of the yearly raise I give my employees has been diverted to pay their insurance premiums.  They don't even see that part of my reward to them for their hard work and dedication.

    I think I am lumped into your "85%" and I have eyes and ears and can read a chart and I could tell you that the old system wasn't working for me or anyone I knew.  Sure they had insurance today, but in five years?

    With the ACA, that question is answered.  In five years, everyone will have access to affordable health insurance regardless of the decisions of their employer.

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