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View Diary: Congratulations, Republicans. Your Obamacare sabotage has screwed over millions (71 comments)

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  •  States with no exchanges (2+ / 0-)
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    Ranger1, Mr MadAsHell

    Those of us who live in states that refused to set up exchanges should write our Congresscritters and object strenuously to the fact that we could have had a smooth running exchange if {State} hadn't been so hell bent on blocking Obamacare.

    I already wrote my Representative and one of my Senators and told them I was very disappointed that they were causing me difficulty in shopping for insurance for my husband under the ACA and for trying to prevent me from saving money by not setting up an efficient exchange like I know my State could have done.

    I also pointed out to them that under the ACA, insurance for both me and my husband was going to cost $100 less than what I'm currently paying for just me!

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