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  •  This is mostly fair. I'll tip it. (0+ / 0-)

    Indeed, Faludi's book, in which she discusses Victoria's Secret, did come out quite some time ago. I have no current first-hand knowledge of the retailer, from a market-research, customer, or any other perspective.

    Now, a general comment, fully supporting conclusions Faludi reached in the 1980s.

    My subjective impression is that open, public displays of misogyny are as bad as at any time in my lifetime (I'm in my 40s). I'm talking about pronouncements politicians are willing to make in public, about the desire to restrict women's access, not only to safe abortion, but to birth control. I'm talking about rampant gender discrimination in education, and rampant age discrimination in the job market, particularly targeting women. I am talking about the the vileness of misogyny women routinely encounter in public and online, perpetrated by bullying cowards who know their covers won't be blown.

    It is all of apiece with abuses in the fashion industry. It is all about the desire to drive women from public participation in any but traditional gender-roles, and it is particularly hysterical and virulent these days.

    It's here they got the range/ and the machinery for change/ and it's here they got the spiritual thirst. --Leonard Cohen

    by karmsy on Sat Oct 26, 2013 at 03:02:05 PM PDT

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    •  Of course you're right (0+ / 0-)

      about the misogyny in political life, it's disgraceful and undeniable. And yes, it is about keeping women in their place. The same is true for discrimination in employment, which probably does not seem so rampant to me because I'm older than you are and remember the bad old days, and also because I've not personally experienced it- which does not of course mean it doesn't happen. Same with misogyny in personal encounters- I know it happens but I must know a bunch of cool men, cause I rarely encounter it.

      The fashion thing though- seems to me more a function of human nature than part of a grand design to subjugate women. People-even babies- like to look at beautiful people. And that's true across genders- put Hugh Jackman in a bathing suit ad and you have my attention.

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