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View Diary: The real NSA scandal: It regards itself as having "customers" (32 comments)

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  •  Well, but it's more than a scare word (0+ / 0-)

    It's an indicator, and it's inaccurate. After all, the "customers" of the intelligence agencies, if there indeed are any, are the people who paid for the information -- namely, all us taxpayers. Imagining their "customers" to be other units of government undermines the concept of democracy by cutting out the real patrons of this activity. Clearly, the real "customers" are becoming less and less sanguine about the "product" as they learn more and more about it. And, after all, that "product" has through normal channels seldom been provided to we citizens.

    I'll grant that this blog arises from one reference in one memo, but that's one more reference than we had a year ago. Also, that memo appears to have been fundamental to pursuing the entire scheme, and we have commentary from numerous other readers here who aver to the (often inappropriate) use of "customer" in this and other inappropriate settings.

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