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  •  I tend to ignore new tech since it has little (15+ / 0-)

    application to anything I care to do.  For example, I have to explain to people over and over that I don't have a cell phone and the idea of photographing everything in existence into the fuzzy memory of said phone does not appeal to me.  For that matter neither does posting various pics and other info about myself on FB.
    My daughter now agrees with me to some extent since she posted some pics of her daughter who won a local festival's beauty contest.  She got some really really creepy remarks left on her FB page.

    I admit I do have a landline and have it because my kids won't let me live w/o it though I lived for years with no phone and did just fine.  I also have internet connection mainly because it is such a neat way to find information quickly.  I also have a TV.  Other than that, I can find other stuff to spend whatever money I have on.

    Maybe it is because I can recall the local electric cooperative bringing electricity to this area or perhaps it is that my grandfather's house had two electrical sockets, one for TV and the other for the fridge.  I dunno but then my pick up has manual windows and an AM radio so maybe this is a trend for my lifestyle

    •  I tried to get manual windows. I should have tried (4+ / 0-)

      harder. Still no cell phone, and I am still amused by the pained expressions on the faces of friends who come over and then try to use theirs. I told them there was no such thing as service in my little woodland area, but would they really listen to something that wasn't texted?
          I love the net for research, and dkos as my one avenue to rant with people who relate to science & social & political news. But I can't even begin to facebook. I had to make one to participate in a particular group. Half an hour after I finished that (without trying to friend a single person since I don't want my facebook-crazy family involved) I had 30 people I never heard of trying to "friend" me. Ick.)
          I like digital photos since you can take every picture you want and then delete and not pay for film & processing, but I loved the quality of my 1980 plastic Ansco pocket camera. And I like having my camera separate fro my phone.
           For years (decades, actually) I have been collecting multiple copies of classic books, awaiting the day that such antiques are "in" and I can run a young people's "book" group with actual books, or at least keep the grand-kids occupied on a "cold, cold wet day/ when it's too wet to play" and the power goes out and thing one and thing two are only accessible by candlelight.

      We are all pupils in the eyes of God.

      by nuclear winter solstice on Sat Oct 26, 2013 at 03:52:57 AM PDT

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