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View Diary: Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Democrats land recruit in long-neglected New Jersey House seat (35 comments)

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  •  VA-Gov - Sarvis vote will hold up over 10% (5+ / 0-)

    Circumstances look optimal for Virginia Governor Libertarian candidate Sarvis, the third option to the Dem and GOP candidates, to remain in the game and have his vote percentage continue to hold up over 10% on election day.

    He has a few things going for him that third party candidates often do not have - reasonable level of free press that is balanced and not overtly negative towards his candidacy; a widespread dislike by many voters of BOTH of the two major party nominees; favorable comments, if not outright support, from national GOP talking head George Will (whose views get a lot of exposure via his Washington Post columns, widely read in the voter rich northern Virginia area) and now this 6-figure ad buy by Purple PAC.

    George Will in his WaPo column said Libertarian Sarvis would be a better choice for voters than Republican nominee Cucinelli.  We on this site do not give much weight to the ramblings of the aging conservative establishment Republican George Will, but I believe his support of Sarvis will provide a sufficient rationale for some GOP voters in northern Virginia to vote for Sarvis on November 5.  Any votes Sarvis gets from such establishment Republicans will wound GOP nominee Cucinelli and help our Dem nominee.

    For that reason, I believe Sarvis' vote total will hold up on election day at the 10% plus level and not flag as so many third party candidates tend to do in actual voting (as opposed to in pre-election polling).

    •  Sarvis - Will (3+ / 0-)
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      Just to back you up: for Geo Will to back Sarvis in his column is a Big. Frackin'. Deal.

      Reading between the lines - one of the things Will is saying is that "The Cooch" doesn't have a chance, and therefore right wingers should send a message by voting for Sarvis.

      Any voter behavior of this sort, of course, seals the deal for McAuliffe.  Frankly, I think that Va conservative voters who would never vote D, and who also think that Cooch is too extreme, now have "permission" (i.e., now have a justifiable excuse) to throw their vote away and vote for Sarvis.

      I think this is a BFD.

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