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  •  It was nice (5+ / 0-)

    being the only English speaking people in a pub full of people. Not a difficult feat but still a rare find in that area.

    The group of students were fun, apparently most of the class out celebrating the end of a successful week of higher education. Most of the tables in the back were small or decorated with signs reserving them for people not due for hours. The group had nearly given up when, at my suggestion, they decided to squeeze into the large table where we were just standing up to leave.

    I miss my time at the university here too. We had an occasional professor or two who would join us for lunch between classes at the pub down the street.

    Yeah, the pseudo-Soviet garbage is overflowing the crappy little stalls and hole-in-the-wall shops downtown. The tourists must be buying it or it wouldn't still be everywhere.

    Earlier in my wanderings today I went across Charles Bridge, one of Prague's most famous landmarks. The bridge is lined with statues and one of them is of Saint John of Nepomuk who was hurled into the river from the bridge for refusing to divulge to the king, the queen's confession. At the base of Saint John's statue there are two brass plaques that illustrate the story of his martyrdom. If you crossed the bridge back before the revolution, when there were far fewer tourists, you might notice a tiny bright spot on one of the plaques. That plaque shows the queen seated in the foreground with her back to you, flanked by guardsmen. She's watching Saint John being thrown from the bridge in the distance. People would touch the tiny figure of the upside-down saint falling from the bridge-- for luck, to honor him. Today I paused to watch the tourists lining up to take photos of each other as they touched the plaque. Every damn one of the clueless twits was polishing the queen's ass.

    Prague is indeed beautiful-- and ugly, and all the things an old city can be. We got our first sprinkling of snow last week on Friday but it had all melted well before noon. Up in the hills and mountains, out in the country, they've gotten a bit more snow and the higher peaks seem to be holding on to it.  

    •  haha, 'twits polishing her ass' had me in stiches (1+ / 0-)
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      Marko the Werelynx

      tourists also polish the dog, which I've heard negates your luck/tribute to St John Nepomuk.

      •  The dog (1+ / 0-)
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        is there on the other plaque I think. The dog is a symbol of St. John's unwavering loyalty. Although the only tradition involved with touching anything in that whole area is that of touching the tiny figure of the saint on the one plaque. Touching the dog is even more recent than the queen fondling. Somewhere I have a photo I took of a tourist with her back to the statue, grinning for her friend's camera, stretching her arms out to the sides-- and yes, one hand on the dog, one hand on the queen's butt. Amazing.

        I kinda see the appeal in petting the dog though.

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