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    Secular religion

    A mish-mash of phrases from the Framers, Lincoln and MLK echoes, and so forth


    Bathos is an abrupt transition in style from the exalted to the commonplace

    Neo-liberal catchphrase

    “Free market,” “innovation,” “hard choices” etc.


    “Our most vulnerable citizens”

    Bipartisan shibboleth

    “The troops,” for example

    Dead metaphors/cliche

    “Ring the changes on,” “take up the cudgel for,” “toe the line,” “ride roughshod over,” etc. (Orwell)

    Sheer nonsense

    Word salad

    Falsehood or truthiness

    A terminological inexactitude


    Lawyerly parsing and weasel wording


    “Ladies and gentleman,” and so forth.

    The best look at the actual remarks with footnotes.

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