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  •  You spoke specifically of people who own (6+ / 0-)

    firearms for self defense. That's pretty much CCW in a nutshell. You spoke in terms of people walking around with firearms being predisposed to inappropriate and excessive use. Non-self-defense circumstances covers everything from murder to accidental shooting and would be the very definition of "inappropriate and excessive". If you're going to extend it to include self-defense under the idea that every person who uses a firearm in self-defense is just another George Zimmerman, it seems rather like you've got a conclusion all ready and you're trying to tailor the data to fit it.

    •  I don't accept "self defense" claims on their face (2+ / 0-)
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      coquiero, bevenro

      "Security" is the number-one reason for gun ownership in this country.  I think it's worth studying how much security is produced by this situation, and yes, right now I am inclined to the view that we'll find it to be a negative amount.  That will be because (1) guns escalate conflicts that would have been avoided otherwise; (2) guns produce more severe outcomes; (3) gun use in a perceived "self-defense" situation is frequently characterized by impulse rather than good judgement.  And just to stay on topic, I will reiterate my earlier assertion that homemade guns will remain an irrelevant part of the private arsenal, notwithstanding even dramatic improvements in 3D printers.  The American arsenal is going to continue to be dominated by mass-produced dime-store hand-cannons made for and fetishized by the lumpenproletariat as security tools.  Anyway, I am probably repeating myself now!

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