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  •  But not every bush-leaguer makes it to the majors. (1+ / 0-)
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    In fact, almost none of them do.  If I wanted to play major-league authoritarian in America, I would probably go buy an assault rifle, join a militia, and get a good Jesus schtick going.  And I have to confess that's just not my style.

    Practically everyone has certain characteristics that, with an appropriate dose of hyperbole, could be called "authoritarian".  For example, if I express a personal opinion about some special people needing a babysitter, that could be called "authoritarian."  Very well, but my point was that if that's authoritarian, then it's decidedly at the small-potatoes end of the spectrum.

    Sometimes--just sometimes--a drop of water is just a drop, and doesn't portend a waterfall.  

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