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View Diary: Paul Ryan is still coming for your Social Security and Medicare (161 comments)

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  •  Actually Joan...what was on the table (0+ / 0-)

    during the grand bargain talks post-election was basically Chained CPI and Medicare means testing. The admin officially took two things off the table that were on the table in 2011:

    1)Raising the eligibility age for Medicare which they now (correctly)view as bad policy

    2)Cuts to Medicaid via switching to a "blended rate". Actually Medicaid has completely been taken off the table and won't get touched, mainly because the admin sees it as too integral to the ACA.

    So really the big item is Chained-CPI, which is a HUGE deal and should be opposed by democrats no matter what the GOP offers. Considering that SS isn't even a serious long term budgetary issue, unlike Medicare, it's even more infuriating.

    The good news is this would only be offered by Obama if the GOP offers around $600-$700 billion in tax revenue via deductions/loopholes, and, thankfully, republican refusal to increase even a dime in taxes is more certain than death AND the sun coming up.

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