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View Diary: Marriage equality could force Hawaii churches to choose between bigotry and cold, hard cash (65 comments)

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  •  "Articles" are not always correct about (0+ / 0-)

    specifics of a law. I may go look it up.

    And this:

    I think you are confusing making a profit and covering costs.
    The very definition of making a profit means taking in revenue in excess of your costs.  And "costs" doesn't just mean the pay of the employee for those hours, and the charge for utilities for that time.  "Costs" also includes an allocation of your capital costs (like the cost to construct the building being used) as well as an allocation of the cost of all the stuff in that building that you are using (pews, vestments for priests, candles on an alter, flowers, statutes, etc.). Only by figuring in all those costs can you know if you made a "profit" by charging a couple, say, $300 for using your church for an hour.  

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