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View Diary: Forget 'independents.' The path to Democratic victory is through our base (226 comments)

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  •  I'm telling ya (10+ / 0-)

    my mom's demographic is ripe for the picking. She's 80 and believes she's a Republican (because her parents were) but she also thinks the tea party is kind of crazy, she's all over fairness & social justice issues and thinks the Republican's are backwards. She just needs a little push to recognize that it's not the same party that she is nostalgic about - and this shutdown just might have done it - I am plotting my strategy for her visit at Christmas.

    •  My mom is 88 (9+ / 0-)

      and is a card-carrying member of the Democratic Party.

      But we're New Yorkers and Jews (and I'm gay) so I guess that throws a bit of spin into the mix.

      •  My mom is a proper (9+ / 0-)

        midwesterner - never missed an opportunity to point out which fork I should be using. In all honesty, I think gay rights was the first glimmer I saw - when she found out her painter and her house cleaner, both whom she'd known for years, were gay. I think it stunned her into reality - people she loved and respected were supposed to be people she treated with disdain. She was devastated when her helper lost her partner and it was surreal for me to watch her do everything she could to be supportive.

        •  That is actually a very cool story! (2+ / 0-)
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          sfbob, Odysseus

          I have a different one with not such a happy ending . . . yet there is still time and hope for my MIL

          My SIL's son came out to his parents last Christmas.  He is such a delightful young man.  Very determined, and knew exactly what he wanted in life and has accomplished much of it.  As I said, a delight.

          Well, MIL (who has a bit of $$$) said that "the gay and lesbian community can not be trusted" and therefore she was going to re-write the trusts she put in place for her grandchildren such that our nephew will not have full access to his inheritance.

          I was appalled when hubby told me this.  Somehow, the fact that she has known her grandson all of his 28 years is discounted now because he is gay.  

          Don't know if she ever followed through on her threat, but still . . .

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