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View Diary: Another GOP representative babbles incoherently when asked to explain her criticism of Obamacare (144 comments)

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  •  Another reason Blackburn and crowd hate... (0+ / 0-)

    ...ACA. By nudging even more people into healthcare, many of them will actually think about what bat-crap crazy (Laurence O'Donnell) politicians say and use their individual votes to remove them post-haste. Tea-bagging Republicans would kill Social Security if they could, but the cat's long out of that bag. The new crop of voters arising from Obamacare will dwarf those who registered after the New Deal!

    Repent, GOP. Your greedy, racist, sexist, rigid, hypocritical, homophobic xenophobic, cynical, blasphemous past has come back to haunt you! Sociologically speaking, your demise will prove evolution more than Darwin ever did!

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