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    No, they certainly are not socialists. The purpose of the diary was to draw comparisons of the Tea Party to the fascist authoritarian government of Nazi Germany, and the similarities between the way the Nazis achieved their aims and the way the Tea Party of modern day America are parroting the methods of the Nazis to obtain their goals and ends. Two wrongs will never make a right...But two Wrights DID make an airplane...

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      after the first putsch. Or the first riot or killing...

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        Exactly! The vast majority may have been shocked, or disapproved, but the "aura" of the reach of the party, the threat of reprisal made it very shall we say "practically inconvenient" to express outrage or disapproval for fear of reprisals. And to the true believers, this was further proof of the purity of the party, their willingness and ability to do what was necessary to gain their aims.
        The "believers" became even MORE entrenched and enthusiastic, and the "moderates" became even more fearful, and cowed and unwilling to stick their necks out for a return to normalcy.

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          is their own Horst Wessel. Then Katie Bar the door.

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            Bingo my friend...And if someone like a Ted Cruz needs to be sacrificed at the alter of the pure, there's the poster child for the advancement of the union...The "true believer" cut down before his prime, even if only politically...Sister Sarah, the two year old from Wasilla (to borrow a phrase from Martin Bashear) would have been a perfect symbol, except for the fact that the bitch just wouldn't DIE!!!

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