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  •  My best guess is your ability to face (3+ / 0-)

    the Big Scary World without a blanket over your head to hide from the contradictions so threatens their blind, unquestionable faith that they must attack. For if they took that blanket off, they would have to (dear god) question their own faith.

    To be honest though, I have encountered many religious people who do not 'get in your face' and renounce the religious institutions hypocrisy  as much as they can. These are people you could have a discussion of why I believe/not believe in a very rational, friendly way- which for them is a form of them challenging their own beliefs and strengthening them. (I'm plunk in a very blue area with a contingent of retired hippies. This helps.)

    I hate FB, so I don't go looking at that unsupervised kindergarten. My opinion is those that attack other's lack of faith, is an expression of how weak theirs is that they cannot tolerate 'Other' thought. (I figure so many Republicans are rabidly religious nutjobs, this explains the tendency for them to project on anyone not in their camp.)

    Personally, I lean towards atheism (as my parents are/were), strongly spiritual but I feel very insulted to be called christian. I tend not to discuss religion too much, although I find it fascinating what makes people believe what they do, just to avoid the vitriol you've encountered.

    True wealth is a measure of what one gives.

    by WiseFerret on Mon Oct 28, 2013 at 10:08:01 AM PDT

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