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View Diary: Social Security Cuts (Chained CPI): Some Basic Facts (53 comments)

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    I'm not the enemy here, lunachickie.

    I wish the left had credible threats against a move to chained CPI, but I don't really see all that many options under the horse-race/electoral-politics paradigm -- a weak mid-term result perhaps, but come 2016, doing the lesser-of-two-evils thing all over again (i.e., because Cruz and Orange Man). And whoever wins... chained CPI remains anyway.

    So meaningful, effective resistance must come from outside the horse-race/electoral-politics paradigm. But here we're staring slacktivism in the face, for the most part. Look, I'm admittedly a slacktivist, so it's not my intention to be condescending here, and I mean no disrespect to anyone who's doing more than tweeting, writing for the echo chambers, sending pointless letters to Congress, etc.

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