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  •  You think it'll last forever... (1+ / 0-)
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    People and cars and concrete.  But it won't.  One day it's all gone.  Even the sky.

    My planet's gone.  It's dead.  It burned, like the Earth.  It's just rocks and dust.  Before its time.

    What happened?

    There was a war, and we lost.

    A war with who?  What about your people?

    I'm a Time Lord.  I'm the last of the Time Lords.  They're all gone.  I'm the only survivor.  I'm left traveling on my own, 'cause there's no one else.

    There's me.

    You've seen how dangerous it is — do you want to go home?

    I don't know...I want...Oh, can you smell chips?

    Yeah.  Yeah!

    I want chips.

    Me too.

    Right then, before you get me back in that box, chips it is.  And you can pay.

    No money.

    What sort of date are you?  Come on then, tight wad, chips are on me...we've only got five billion years 'til the shops close!

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