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  •  Simply, the Tea Party Birchers hate you. (1+ / 0-)
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    You teach facts.

    You teach how to test opinions against real evidence.

    You don't like lying.

    You don't base your ideas about history on hate-radio swill.

    You are their enemy.

    And Fox News and the other corporatist media outlets have taken to reporting every crime committed by a teacher as the days' hot topics. In the New York area that has extended to reporting teacher-crimes from as far away as Pennsylvania, when they couldn't fill their quota locally.

    They need ignorance to maintain their access to power, so they can steal from the public. (Read the Federalist Papers for much more on the topic.) Of course you are their enemy.

    •  I think teachers are gaining (1+ / 0-)
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      ground against the big lies of the right-wing machine.  Teachers saving the lives of their students become stories of grace when compared to the vitriolic propaganda of tea-party hucksters. The tide will turn, at some point.

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