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  •  Toxic Poverty/Networked Resiliency (0+ / 0-)

    Step #1:  Dump Pearson et. al.

    Maybe that's a job for the next generation of low paid geeks and hackers.  Work out a way to replace proprietary intellectual properties with savvy open source texts and tests.

    Step #2: Make networking resilient

    BIG job!  Bypass the telecoms & internet providers and the under story of homeland spying apparatus.  I would love to hear some solutions.

    Step #3:  Detox & rehab for poverty


    •  Get the subject teachers together, (0+ / 0-)

      establish the course objectives, and have the teachers write a textbook locally that meets the objectives.
        Pay the teachers for their time, have the local copy center print out the texts, and tell the textbook companies to piss up a rope.
         Waaay too much money goes to textbook corporations and their testing affiliates.

      •  Teachers can and should be given (0+ / 0-)

        the opportunity to do more to shape what they teach using available resources. It's crazy that districts will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars updating series--when the updates aren't needed--and layoff teachers and support staff because the money's not there to pay them. Again: teachers aren't consulted. Administrators make the decisions. And it becomes obvious that money was wasted.

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