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  •  Your title grabbed my eyes, Vet63.. (13+ / 0-)

    I have a Marine son, who did 3 deployments, and at times has that distant stare. I thought it was bad when he had it right before his deployments, but I attributed it to distancing himself from those that love him so he could stay focused on his missions.

    Now, it scares the crap out of this mom. I don't see him  often, but sometimes I can 'see' that distant stare through our phone conversations.

    You say:

    99.9% of America don"t care anymore about the longest war in our nations history.
    I would venture a wild guess that most everyday Americans - at least the ones that I know and with whom I have come into daily contact - don't care now or ever about the longest war in our nation's history. I have often said: you have to have skin in the game to really give a crap about how our returning veterans are treated. That's kind of a harsh statement, but it is what I have experienced being a Marine Mom.

    What pisses me off is when I hear some radical people - family to boot - who are now proclaiming America, freedom, constitution and guns, while never doing a thing - nothing - to help the vets in our community. They can drive 2.5 hours to attend a gun rally, but can't even help out or donate anything to our local vets and Veterans administration. The latter would require 10-15 minutes TOPS.

    Thank you for this heartbreaking post and thank you for being a mentor for Ted.

    ...wipes away the tears sigh

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