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View Diary: Kossacks Must Share the Democratic Party with Factory Workers (285 comments)

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  •  A Polite Suggestion: Diary Title Deconstruction (4.00)
    Thank you for highlighting this issue! I'm in whole-hearted agreement that the issue of our economic future is under-emphasized in our national dialogue!

    Unfortunately, you lost me at hello.

    The potential for a strong message in your diary was lost by an unfortunate choice of diary title (and associated framing of the issues). The title itself contains at least three implicit assumptions that I find distasteful.

    (1) Kossacks must: My first reaction was, "Who are you to me what to do?" I wonder, do you consider yourself a Kossack? If so, then saying "we must" would work better. Otherwise, any sentence starting with "you must" sets up the reader to be defensive.

    (2) Kossacks ... factory workers: As several others have pointed out, do you assume that Kossacks do not include factory workers? Why wouldn't a factory worker be active in online forums? I've worked in a factory before and I'm here.

    (c) Kossacks...share with... factory workers: Is there one small pie that has to be divided up? To me, the most compelling lesson of the netroots movement and the 2004 election is that the Internet can mobilize people who were previously politically inactive (like me)!

    Let's move away from the politics of division. After all, it's about increasing the size of the pie for everyone. It's not about party in-fighting between special interests. It's about increasing the resources available to enact progressive policies.

    Okay, I've done more than enough deconstruction for a 9 word title! Please keep up the hard work of highlighting issues of economic justice!

    There is nothing worse than aggressive stupidity. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    by SLJ on Fri Jun 24, 2005 at 04:12:54 PM PDT

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