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View Diary: Kossacks Must Share the Democratic Party with Factory Workers (285 comments)

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  •  My apologies for a tardy response (4.00)
    to your own, Toastman.

    I completely agree that the political polarization today is starting to threaten the fabric of our society. Even I'm guilty of generalizing about the voting habits of people associated with certain professions. It isn't legitimate and that's a fact.

    So, yes, your comment makes a great deal of sense.

    We're not going anywhere, in terms of party members urging this party to take up the issues facing millions of laborers (bargaining for fair wages, healthcare availability, childcare availability, continuing education, and the like).

    I don't know... It's hard to see people slash away at their own Achilles tendons (metaphorically speaking). But I figure that if some of these people can't discern the difference between the empty rhetoric that today's Republican Party is throwing at them and the long-standing tradition of labor concerns that the Democratic Party continues to champion - they're bent on learning the hard way. And we're just going to have to develop the stomach to watch them do it.

    When they're tired of going hungry, listening to the sound of sizzle and want a stake in our society that they can really sink their teeth into, the Democratic Party will be here - mesquite chips and all - grilling up better days ahead.

    Hijacked? Pffft. No way. It's all part and parcel brother, part and parcel. ;)

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