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View Diary: Kossacks Must Share the Democratic Party with Factory Workers (285 comments)

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  •  A little to pat of an explanation (4.00)
    Remember the New Deal coalition? Those hateful bigots did vote for Democrats for 50 some odd years back when 'educated' and 'smart' people voted for Dewey and the republicans.

    And lets PLEASE not group working class folks into one category shall we? I think most working class black people, and the millions of white males and union members who did vote for Kerry might take offense to that generalization.

    You think maybe one reason lots of people don't vote for Democrats anymore (against their own interests) is because the DLC, and yes, kind of got rid of a lot of reasons to vote Democratic when we passed NAFTA?

    It's also sad because Carter, Clinton, Johnson, and Truman couldn't get a national health care plan through Congress. I think that also goes into some of the thinking that you see in young and middle-aged people that "government doesn't really do anything." So if all you think government can accomplish is things having to do with abortion, wars, and gays, then your also more likely to vote based on those issues rather than issues like health care, jobs, the environment, etc. because you don't government can do anything about those issues. And this is a failure of the Democratic party as well as a success of the Republican Party in defining what government can do.

    I said this down-stream, but if you want working class folks to vote Democratic, then you need to work to organize unions. Just look at the exit polls. Unions provide a progressive political education to their members.

    Follow the signature, and we will win.

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