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View Diary: Kossacks Must Share the Democratic Party with Factory Workers (285 comments)

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    four of them were steel mill workers until the mills closed, and I seem to remember they were members of United Steel Workers.  The fifth is a UAW member (and now that I think about it, once the mills closed two of my other uncles became auto plant workers and joined UAW).

    But I'll tell you the ultimate tragedy in this case: My grandfather was a Democratic Precinct Captain in Chicago for 38 years.  That man was a steel mill worker.  He went to the same bar after work all his life.  He told dirty, dirty jokes.  He frowned and shook his head whenever the issue of homosexuality came up.  Yet, the man was a Democrat to the core.  He'd be rolling in his grave if he could hear his five sons talking.

    "Give the likes of Baldric the vote and we'll be back to cavorting Druids and dung for dinner."

    by Magnus Greel on Fri Jun 24, 2005 at 10:08:17 PM PDT

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