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    as reported by the Brennan Center who posted a collaborative report The new politics of Judicial Elections, 2000-2009.

    Among the report’s key findings:

    Non-candidate groups (including political parties) pumped in 43 percent of all funds spent on state high court elections ($24.1 million out of $56.4 million in 2011-12), compared to 22 percent ($12.8 million) in the last presidential election cycle. Super PACs and other outside groups funneled big spending into some state judicial elections for the first time.

    Thirty-five percent of all funds spent on state high court races, or $19.6 million, came from just 10 deep-pocketed special interest groups and political parties, compared to $12.3 million, or 21 percent, coming from the top 10 “super spenders” in 2007-08.

    A record $33.7 million was spent on Supreme Court campaign TV ads, far exceeding the previous record of $26.6 million in 2007-08. Negative TV ads aired in at least 10 states.

    National politics invaded judicial races in 2011-12. In Iowa, TV ads referenced marriage equality; in Florida, the federal Affordable Care Act; and in Wisconsin, collective bargaining rights.

    So not only are private entities buying local politics, they are also buying Justice.  

    Here in TX, there was recent news that a Judge switched from GOP to Dem.  Comments were justice is supposed to be exempt from politics.   It appears that we have an answer to that lament and it is NO!

    The entire report is here:

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