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  •  That's the Thing (5+ / 0-)

    Sandberg is clearly a very smart women. Yet she is out there peddling that, essentially, the reason so many women leave the workplace is not because the workplace itself has become inhospitable to having a normal life and family for men and women alike, but because there is something wrong with women's thinking and we're all "Leaning Back."

    It all feels so much "I got mine, get yours".  Except even more insidious, because so many women are jumping onto this bandwagon about an approach to professional success whose value is, at best, for maybe 5% of all women (and men!) if we're generous.

    •  yes, it is insidious because sandberg (3+ / 0-)
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      shanikka, Avila, dclawyer06

      tosses in a few of the accepted feminist truths, as you noted, i think designed to provide cover that yes, she gets it, as she advocates we accept a white male dominated and privileged system under the sham of making things better for women.

      thinking about political application.   should the dems lean in to the gop/teabaggers? isn't that really what the dems tried for years until the shutdown? but it doesn't work, because you have the preestablished teabagger structure/policies. so a change in teabaggery structure is actually a step backward from dems' positions under the guise of a deal marketed as moving forward on some issue.

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