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View Diary: The Rapture - Some Real Scary $h*t (115 comments)

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  •  The problem for the most part is (10+ / 0-)

    literally taking the bible word for word.  They skip the part of being good stewards of the earth.  I don't know how but they do..The same way they skip giving all you have..not some but all who are in need.. In other words redistribution and love for another as yourself.  

    There is pre millenium and post millenium beliefs...There
    are born again Christians who do believe there will be a meeting in the air but a spiritual one and there are believers who do no believe Jesus will return to earth and that the 1000  year reign will exist,  They are very headstrong on when you die,,,you go to be with God in Paraside and then they believe Jesus will never set foot on earth again.....But that the believers will go to him..not the other way around.. An energy..spiritual energy of sorts.

    The people who take the bible literally word for word has a real hijack going on and use fearmongering for those who do believe in an afterlife.

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    by Vetwife on Thu Oct 31, 2013 at 11:57:22 AM PDT

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