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  •  I think it's a sect of Christianity that believes (2+ / 0-)
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    John Crapper, RiveroftheWest

    in the rapture.

    They seem to be mostly Baptist and/or Seventh Day Adventists. In fact, I think it was the 7th Day Adventists who originated the idea but I could be wrong. Wisely or not I don't pay much attention to Christians who worship their opinions as justified by the Bible instead of God. I pity them and am aggravated by the wreakage they make across the world, but I'm not interested in their motives. I'm only interested in working to clean up after them. After all; greed, bigotry and disdain for humanity didn't start with Christianity. The problem is that it should have ENDED with Christianity. And Buddhism. And Islam. And Hinduism. And Wicca. And Aetheism. And.... you get the idea.

    Catholics and Episcopalians do not seem to believe this - and it would go against their normal theology. Episcopalians, in particular tend to mock the notion. I don't know of any Methodists or Lutherans that believe this either. Although even the Methodists are split and I think the more fundamentalist sect are under what's called the Missourri Synod or something like that, so it's possible that they have embraced the idea of being raptured out of the car or some shit. In which case I hope it's a nice one and lands softly in a snow drift.

    In the interest of full disclosure I was born and raised Catholic, practiced Wicca for years and now attend the Episcopal church.

    •  Left Behind Fiction (3+ / 0-)

      What Christian fundies generally believe about being "raptured" up to avoid the chaos of the apocalpse and the end times nonsense can be found in the "Left Behind" series.  It was a popular series among born agains who got to feel morally superior to the rest of us mortals who would remain on planet earth while they got a free ride to heaven.  

      Catholics don't believe in this nonsense and most main stream Protestants don't either.  It's  a silly and shallow intrepreation of the Bible, especially the New Testament.   But it is a dangerous belief system that basically allows a small group of  people to trash the planet, exploit other human beings for profit and act like spoiled little brats who don't take responsibility for the own bad behavior. They manage to hold the rest of us hostage while they trash science that is indicating that global warming is here and our environment is changing and not for the better.

      Sounds a lot like the current leadership of the Republican party, doesn't it.

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