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  •  On a serious note, this is what amazes me; (25+ / 0-)

    And I say this as a former Republican of 23 years (I had enough and left in 2000 with the nomination of Shrub, but had not voted R for years - and yes I WORKED ON BOTH REAGAN CAMPAIGNS) - people criticized the Bush years for the ACTUAL failures, incompetence, lies, and outright crimes done by the Republicans in power. But literally EVERYTHING they complain about and hate Obama for is ALL MADE UP! NONE of it is real, not one bit - except for the being black thing of course.

    I wish I could explain this to Superobama and all the people like him in a rational way - but clearly it's impossible. They're overwhelmed with hate, bigotry, and in many cases actual mental illness, and are far past the point of being reached. I know because all sensible, thinking Republicans had to have recognized what the Party had become years ago, like I did, and left. These are all that remain.

    "I have a sheep doing rufi at my house.... come and drop by, we'll put on Zeppelin and eat cheddar cheese!" - Capt. Jean-Luc Picard

    by Fordmandalay on Sun Oct 27, 2013 at 06:57:38 PM PDT

    •  Much Fundamentalism and a Catastrophic (2+ / 0-)
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      Free Jazz at High Noon, Kombema

      public square. Between the 2 they can create the same outcomes as mental illness among many healthy people. Given that both parties have helped shepherd the middle class downward for 2 generations, it's clear that the level of skepticism and independent thinking needed to see through our sociopathic public square is only found in a minority fraction of people.

      The framers knew what journalistic services were needed for their system but they had no clue how to make them available. Their assumption that only government oppression could prevent society from informing the people is the biggest single blunder in the history of democratic governance.

      And no I don't have an answer, I just see that what we have doesn't work.

      We are called to speak for the weak, for the voiceless, for victims of our nation and for those it calls enemy.... --ML King "Beyond Vietnam"

      by Gooserock on Sun Oct 27, 2013 at 07:31:24 PM PDT

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      •  The lack of a free and fair press is a millstone (3+ / 0-)

        around the democracy's neck. We've got to find a way to allow the non-traditional press to rise in prominence to counter the Establishment/corporatist-leaning (or cowed and effete) MSM, which is certainly not informing the people, and far too often doing exactly the opposite with their dissemination of plutocratic propaganda.

        "Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob." -- Franklin D. Roosevelt

        by Kombema on Sun Oct 27, 2013 at 10:01:48 PM PDT

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    •  Are you telling me that President Obama ... (13+ / 0-)

      ... actually opposes these damn Corporate Wealth Grab Agreements, aka "Free Trade Agreements"?

      Then why does he advocate for them to get passed and then sign them when they pass?

      ... actually is opposed to suicidal increases in exploitation petroleum and natural gas?

      Then why does he advocate for an "all of the above energy policy"?

      ... actually refused to sign off on drone strikes that would serve to further encourage the radicalization of Islamic communities and stimulating the recruitment of terrorists?

      Then why do they keep doing the drone strikes in disobedience to the Commander in Chief?

      Or are you telling me that the radical reactionaries who like to pretend that Obama is a radical leftist among other absurdities make absurd claims about the President, and therefore the President is immune from criticism?

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      by BruceMcF on Sun Oct 27, 2013 at 09:02:47 PM PDT

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      •  Checking what I wrote... and nowhere does it say (8+ / 0-)

        That he's immune from criticism. What it DOES say is that the things the Right Wingers accuse him of are not factual. But I'm having trouble decoding what your convoluted statements actually are saying. Sorry mon.

        "We can admit that we're killers, but we're not going to kill today. That's all it takes. Knowing that we won't kill....TODAY!!" - Capt. James T. Kirk

        by Fordmandalay on Sun Oct 27, 2013 at 09:14:57 PM PDT

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        •  Here is what you wrote: (4+ / 0-)
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          Kombema, ek hornbeck, Nada Lemming, Brecht
          literally EVERYTHING they complain about and hate Obama for is ALL MADE UP! NONE of it is real, not one bit - except for the being black thing of course.
          If by "literal", you mean "literal", then this statement is false.  There are valid things to criticize in the Obama administration, and the right often refers to such things.  The conclusions they draw may be unfounded and, often enough, loathsome, but it is just plain wrong to say, in all caps, that they make up everything.  For one recently discussed example, there are facts about Benghazi which are troubling and deserve sober evaluation. Sadly, the only reason to argue this point here is that his sort of blanket endorsement of Obama as a man who does no wrong has become a staple of this site.

          Personally, I think the focus on one person, the ceaseless personalizing of structural problems, is a detriment to bringing change.  But doing so is almost unavoidable, because Obama as a brand has proven to be such a useful cover for policies historically antithetical to Democratic values.  In order to convince more would-be liberals that drone strikes, secret agreements with corporations, and secret spying are wrong no matter who is doing them, it seems one first comes up against notions of Obama as someone who would never do the things he is, in fact, doing.  For this reason, it is difficult to let such over-the-top claims about Obama go by without some sort of pushback.

          For the cynical among us, it seems that the confusion over left and right, the tendency to conclude that Obama is a good liberal because the right said idiotic things about him, is a calculated situation, designed for the purpose of making it difficult for the left to criticize the neo-liberalism of Obama without being associated with idiots and racists.

          Secrecy is a hot bed of vanity. - Joseph Brodsky They who have put out the people’s eyes reproach them for their blindness. – John Milton 1642

          by geomoo on Mon Oct 28, 2013 at 12:38:37 PM PDT

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      •  "former Republican of 23 years" (4+ / 0-)
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        TheMomCat, triv33, Nada Lemming, corvo

        Yup.  Says about all that needs to be said.

        •  So am I to take it that we are to (13+ / 0-)

          stop educating the public and encouraging people to eschew racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia - and get them to leave the r's and t's?

          I won't be snide about anyone who leaves the bigot boat behind.    

          My grandparents were Republicans, for more than 50 years - they thought of that party as the "Party of Lincoln".  I'm sure, were they alive today they'd be Democrats. My grand father was a vocal unionist.  

          They raised a son - one - my dad who was a communist, who raised a daughter who became a revolutionary-nationalist socialist. I found the CPUSA too tame, and SNCC and then the YLP and BPP a better fit - in my 20's and 30's.

          I am pleased these days to be a Democrat, and no longer vote as I did in the past for 3rd parties - with all the things I don't like - US foreign policy especially - and the prison state - I'll still work these days inside the D party where I can find support to combat racism - the rock on which I believe this nation was founded.

          So yes - I'll welcome former R's or former C's to the tent.

          But anyone making racist remarks here no matter what wing of this party they are part of (if they are part of it at all) , will earn a donut from me.

          So I'm saying what I think "needs to be said" - as a response to your comment.  

          "If you're in a coalition and you're comfortable, you know it's not a broad enough coalition." Dr. Bernice Johnson Reagon

          by Denise Oliver Velez on Mon Oct 28, 2013 at 12:37:52 AM PDT

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          •  No problem with your position on this (2+ / 0-)
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            ek hornbeck, TheMomCat

            But I wonder if your status as a former revolutionary could be better spent trying to educate directly with this particular user. He might eat it up.   He may be unaware of your story and a great ally when all is said and done.

            Who knows,  you may have a lot to teach each other.  

            It puts the lotion on its skin

            by Nada Lemming on Mon Oct 28, 2013 at 07:24:58 AM PDT

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          •  Interesting deo. (1+ / 0-)
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            So now I have your personal attention?

            I'm... flattered?

            So you've been a Communist (CPUSA) and were a member of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and the Black Panther Party (BPP).

            I'm having a little trouble connecting with YLP (Yukon Liberal Party?), from context I'd expect it to be the Youth International Party, perhaps you or someone else can assist me.

            I've always been just a Democrat (you know, a registered member of the Democratic Party) and I work within that system to ensure my party adheres to its values as expressed in our platform (being a Communist you might want to read that as Manifesto).

            I don't feel any need to trot out past associations with opposition and 3rd parties, indeed on a website dedicated to Democratic Electoral Victory I'd consider it dangerous and counter productive to do so.

    •  17 Recs for "former Republican of 23 years"? (4+ / 0-)
      What are you thinking?

      Is this a website dedicated to Democratic Electoral Victory or not?

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