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  •  I'm not aware that Rall used the N word, though (6+ / 0-)

    maybe you can point to where he has, and if so, fair enough. But he deals in biting artistic satire, and yes sometimes it's been offensive and over the top, and perhaps even indicative of blindered privilege.

    Belafonte, by dint of his ethnicity, maybe gets more of a pass for calling Colin Powell and Condi Rice "house slaves" -- though I'm not sure that's an insult any better than using the N word. But just as I wouldn't dismiss the broader, progressive activist views and careers of Harry Belafonte or Al Sharpton because they used those insults directed at AA members of the Republican administration, Rall's otherwise illustrious career as a graphic political critic and satirist, and political activist/critic shouldn't be dismissed out of hand because he overreached on those panels. Nor, I'm sure you would agree, should he be labeled as Paulist or conservative because of his criticism of Obama and the Democrats.

    "Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob." -- Franklin D. Roosevelt

    by Kombema on Mon Oct 28, 2013 at 12:45:34 AM PDT

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    •  What black activists do (14+ / 0-)

      and say is their/our choice - I'm not labeling Rall one way or the other - don't know him or his work - other than what he has demonstrated here...

      I HR'ed him for his Katrina meme, and the Barry crap. which led me to explore his history.  

      My apologies for not being cognizant of his past work, but not being a member of the white left often leaves persons who seem to be well known in these parts off my radar.

      Contrary to what seems to be the popular belief here, at times, plenty poc's have critiques of every administration - including the current one.

      The difference is that most of us are capable of critiquing without using racist memes - since we are fighting that racism day in and day out.

      I accept no racism (and other isms) - from right, left or center.

      Ironically that gets me tagged a roxxer.  I am often amused by that but (shrug) so be it.  no mi importa

      My political practice is my own, and consistent with the principles I have embraced for 50 years or so, and takes place outside of the blogosphere, though now that age and physical disability confine me more, I do have the time to post here.

      "If you're in a coalition and you're comfortable, you know it's not a broad enough coalition." Dr. Bernice Johnson Reagon

      by Denise Oliver Velez on Mon Oct 28, 2013 at 02:28:22 AM PDT

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      •  I hear you, and fair points. (1+ / 0-)
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        Denise Oliver Velez

        FWIW, I'm also not comfortable with the use of certain terms that no one has any business using in everyday -- and even in satire it's usually inappropriate, unless a quote (maybe). And your point is well taken, of course, that the condemnation of use of racial slurs or insults doesn't change with party or ideology. Ever.

        Sorry to hear about your reduced mobility. I experienced an extended period of disability from a serious injury years ago, and it was a humbling experience. I believe it made me far more appreciative of the implications for every day life, and others (and would like to think it's made me far less likely take for granted the blessings I and others do have).

        Fight the good fight, DOV.

        "Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob." -- Franklin D. Roosevelt

        by Kombema on Mon Oct 28, 2013 at 12:05:07 PM PDT

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