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    literally EVERYTHING they complain about and hate Obama for is ALL MADE UP! NONE of it is real, not one bit - except for the being black thing of course.
    If by "literal", you mean "literal", then this statement is false.  There are valid things to criticize in the Obama administration, and the right often refers to such things.  The conclusions they draw may be unfounded and, often enough, loathsome, but it is just plain wrong to say, in all caps, that they make up everything.  For one recently discussed example, there are facts about Benghazi which are troubling and deserve sober evaluation. Sadly, the only reason to argue this point here is that his sort of blanket endorsement of Obama as a man who does no wrong has become a staple of this site.

    Personally, I think the focus on one person, the ceaseless personalizing of structural problems, is a detriment to bringing change.  But doing so is almost unavoidable, because Obama as a brand has proven to be such a useful cover for policies historically antithetical to Democratic values.  In order to convince more would-be liberals that drone strikes, secret agreements with corporations, and secret spying are wrong no matter who is doing them, it seems one first comes up against notions of Obama as someone who would never do the things he is, in fact, doing.  For this reason, it is difficult to let such over-the-top claims about Obama go by without some sort of pushback.

    For the cynical among us, it seems that the confusion over left and right, the tendency to conclude that Obama is a good liberal because the right said idiotic things about him, is a calculated situation, designed for the purpose of making it difficult for the left to criticize the neo-liberalism of Obama without being associated with idiots and racists.

    Secrecy is a hot bed of vanity. - Joseph Brodsky They who have put out the people’s eyes reproach them for their blindness. – John Milton 1642

    by geomoo on Mon Oct 28, 2013 at 12:38:37 PM PDT

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