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  •  Sadly (9+ / 0-)

    Warren has already ruled out a 2016 Presidential run. And I don't think she was being coy.  She's not ambitious.  She was perfectly content to teach at Harvard Law School until retirement.

    She was persuaded to be nominated for the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (which was her brainchild) because of the need of the country. This sense of civic duty was also how she was persuaded to run for Senate.  She knows legislation. She is a great senator and will become even better. We can help out by giving her more progressive company in the senate.

    But I don't think Warren wants to be president and I don't think she'd take corporate cash.

    "I was not born for myself alone, but for my neighbor as well as myself."--Richard Overton, leader of the Levellers, a17th C. movement for democracy and equality during the English Civil War.

    by SouthernLeveller on Mon Oct 28, 2013 at 02:56:10 AM PDT

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      I agree that Senator Warren probably is not infected with the kind of ambition that drives many politicians to propel themselves up the ladder as if nothing else mattered except getting themselves elected.

      But I think the country needs her, and I don't mean we need some as-yet-unnamed more-or-less-liberal Democrat.

      We need to take back our country.

      We need to take supreme political and economic power out of the hands of Wall Street bankers.

      Because if the same bosses are still running the show after 2016, it won't matter what kind of puppet they cram into the Oval Office.

      IMHO Elizabeth Warren is by far the best qualified candidate for controlling the Wall Street mega-banks, and no amount of noise that a gaggle of made-for-TV candidates can make...

      No matter how many worthless promises may soon flood the media...

      No amount of Pixar Special Effects can turn any of them into a monster that would scare the banks as much as Elizabeth Warren scares them.

      Elizabeth Warren for President 2016!

      by Frank Whitaker on Mon Oct 28, 2013 at 03:35:48 AM PDT

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