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  •  Thanks but no thanks for that over-simplication. (0+ / 0-)

    If you're trying to draw a bright line between Terry McAuliffe and "the current regime" of Republican Governor Bob McDonnell, then Medicaid expansion isn't really a very good choice.

    Legislators and state health officials say they have made major strides in getting federal permission to carry out significant reforms to the program, such as coordinating the care of people eligible both for Medicaid and Medicare benefits.

    “I’d say we are a little more than halfway there,” said Sen. Emmett W. Hanger Jr., R-Augusta, chairman of the commission [which  and a proponent of expansion.

    “What do I want to see? I want to see the reforms done,” McDonnell said Monday.

    But the governor made clear that the decision ultimately rests with the new commission, which will meet again in October and December, with a public hearing expected before the next meeting.

    “If they say ‘done,’ Medicaid expansion goes into place,” McDonnell said.

    So McAuliffe and moderate Republican Bob McDonnell aren't essentially very far apart, and if the legislature rejects Medicaid expansion, it isn't going to happen, no matter which party sits in the governor's mansion.

    And that's the way it is: If you want a Democratic party that's on the same page as moderate Republicans, then Terry McAuliffe and his "centrist" friends are the ticket for you.

    But if you're looking for anything remotely resembling the New Deal commitment to economic justice, then focus-group heroes like Terry McAuliffe will sell you out every time.  

    Elizabeth Warren for President 2016!

    by Frank Whitaker on Mon Oct 28, 2013 at 05:05:15 AM PDT

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    •  How can you say McAulliffe=McDonnell? (4+ / 0-)
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      The article you link to is Michigan/Virginia's request for an exception to expand Medicaid by "reforming" it first - read CUTS.

      McAulliffe wants to expand Medicaid straight up, without strings, consistent with ACA.

      And, to be clear, I am not at all a fan of McAuliffe. However, I understand the state I live in. McDonnell/Kookinelli are worlds apart from milquetoast McAuliffe. That said, KOS is spot on - McAuliffe has not been running as a centrist, but more like a liberal Democrat. And in a state like Virginia, thats remarkable.

      Sorry you were offended by my "over-simplification", but I thought at least a few facts would be a vast improvement over what you provided on McAuliffe's health care position - which was nothing.

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