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View Diary: Europeans Should Be Effing Grateful That The US Spies On Them (37 comments)

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  •  Safer from what though? (2+ / 0-)
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    corvo, enhydra lutris

    Safer from independent thought?
    Safer from Protesting?
    They can't be keeping us safer from Terrorists. The last few caught were caught by civilians on planes, and the rest were not caught til after the fact.

    Gentlemen, congratulations. You're everything we've come to expect from years of government training (Zed, MIB).

    by GreenMother on Mon Oct 28, 2013 at 06:30:30 AM PDT

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    •  Most importantly, nothing will keep them safe (1+ / 0-)
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      from the US, its machinations, its corporations and their machinations. If this world needs a global cop, it is because the US is a global felon and neer-do-well.

      That, in its essence, is fascism--ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power. -- Franklin D. Roosevelt --

      by enhydra lutris on Mon Oct 28, 2013 at 09:15:28 AM PDT

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