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View Diary: Congress and the Obama administration have exacerbated the problems in our food system (81 comments)

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  •  2 or 3 examples that I've heard floating around (0+ / 0-)

    are (and sorry, I don't have any good links handy, just what I get quickly from google) are

    1) anti-microbial peptides - my understanding is that they punch holes in bacterial membrane/walls, making resistance very difficult.  At present, there are two main stumblingblocks to clinical translation - one is a lack of oral availability (which isn't a problem as a last line defense, I suppose, when they could be administered by IV) and the other is degradation by proteases once in a biological system.  This could potentially be avoided by substituting the nature peptide linkages with non-hydrolyzable mimics.    People are working on using this general approach to kill cancer cells as well, so maybe if these problems are solved for cancer, the solutions can be cost-effectively applied to killing bacteria.

    2 Gene silencing via siRNAs or whatever.  Again, lots of effort has been invested in this general technology for more lucrative disease targets; if success is ever gained perhaps that will pave the way for use as antibiotics.

    3 and finally my favorite -  maggots  But perhaps you don't consider them to be "in the pipeline" since they're already FDA approved medical devices.  By IMHO there's still room out there for them to become more widely used.

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