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View Diary: Food stamps are on the chopping block again as House and Senate farm bill negotiations start (85 comments)

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  •  Policy by anecdote, even when they are lies. (2+ / 0-)
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    commonmass, JerryNA

    One of the House conferees on the farm bill is Steve King. From a report on a debate in Sept. 2012:

    Some of King’s strongest comments in the debate came on the proposed farm bill, which is languishing in Congress. King said a responsible farm bill should include cuts to the food stamp program and improved monitoring of it.
    “We had a fella that bailed himself out of jail with his EBT card, his electronic benefits transfer card,” King said. “We have tattoo parlors advertising in neon lights saying they’ll tattoo you, and you can pay for it with your food stamp card. We have to do something about this.”
    •  dumbass doesn't know the difference between (1+ / 0-)
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      the two EBT cards-the cards look identical probably but the electronic benefits on them are different. It may be that people have two kinds of benefits on same card sometimes.

      one is cash...I guess that would be for people on Welfare.
      The other is "EBT Food"
      That's SNAP.

      I have SNAP. When I use my card,  I slide it through the scanner like all credit cards. WE all then have a food...EBT cash. I hit "EBT FOOD" and it buys my food after I enter my password. Like a debit card.

      Guy didn't even get it right. It is impossible to use SNAP for cash, not even to cheat. You'd have to have a dishonest merchant and/or a barter arranged on the side.

      He is talking about using EBT-cash, ie Wefare, for these purposes. Welfare is money.  Republicans are getting away with smearing food stamps when it people using WELFARE money to buy things that they deem a waste of money.

      That's another issue I dont address.

      But I wish someone would CORRECT these idiots. You AREN"T paying with your "food stamps" for these things. YOu are paying with the EBT cash part. Fools!

      Welfare is cash. GUy bailed himself out of jail with his Welfare money. SEEMS NORMAL.


      •  Exactly, and "dumbass" is too kind for King. n/t (0+ / 0-)
        •  More over, Dems and MSM don't correct him/them (0+ / 0-)

          Probably many don't undertand the EBT card is programmed with EBT cash (Welfare, I surmise) OR EBT food.(or theoretically both but they are separate funds on the card)

          All these examples of people using 'food stamps"for nonfood 'frivolous" items are probably this same error in understanding. You CAN"T use EBT food for nonfood!

          They are using the EBT card, true, but very likely the EBT Cash (Welfare)  that' s on it.

          There is no law as to what you can spend your Welfare check (EBT cash), on. It is MONEY. Few would bat an eye saying that someone spent some of his Welfare check to bail themselves out of jail. Which is very likely what actually occured.

          There already is a negative stereotype of "Welfare cheaters", unfortunately. But NOW they are making this newer stereotype of "FOOD STAMP CHEATERS".

          WE NEED TO CORRECT THIS MISINTERPRETATION that the PRESS does Not  correct

          before the unfair and erronious Right's characterization of SNAP recipients as "cheats" who can spend "food stamps' on whatever nonfood items they want solidifies. Unfortunately it is already solidified against Welfare recipients.

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