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      That's not fact-checking.

      If I go to Afghanistan, and come back safe and sound, it doesn't mean I fact-checked whether or not it was dangerous. It just means I went and came back safe and sound.

      If you wanted to find out whether NYS's healthcare marketplace website worked, you'd hire 10,000 people from all over the state to attempt to log in at different times from different kinds of connections, and study their experiences.

      On the other hand, numerous media organizations ran mass studies and found extremely low success rates.

      And I still haven't heard of anyone who was able to successfully BUY a plan.

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        Your website (2+ / 0-)

        is a red herring. Doesn't allow you to actually sign up for anything.

        This statement is a blanket statement, It doesn't say "for me" or for some people. To negate it, one exception suffices.

        Ted, I had a lot of respect for you as an artist, but, to my considerable disappointment, I have not found you an interesting or a pleasant person to interact with. Therefore I withdraw from further conversation.

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