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  •  Happy Birthday! Fuckin' later, if you like... (1+ / 0-)
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    That was wonderful!

    I've long believed that everyone acts from the same motives---the motives which you described.  If you don't understand why you would do what someone else did if you were in their shoes, then you don't understand them at all.  No one is the villan in their own story, even when the consequences of their actions are truly awful.  Turning this insight inward to help you forgive the assholes (and yourself) for their sins strikes me as exemplifying the best of humanity.  Far better to fight for the safety and security of your team than to fight against anyone or anything.

    Remember that your friends, the ones who love you, give you what they can for your safety and security willingly and gladly in the hopes that it will bring you happiness in the end.  I hope the clarity and resilience you've forged from your pain brings you peace and happiness as well.

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