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View Diary: GOP collapses in Virginia (122 comments)

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  •  What a refreshing day for sane people! (9+ / 0-)

    Truly, I cannot recollect such a chasm of an ideological divide, and the rest of us would humbly ask Virginia voters if they can ever remember their state confronted by such polar opposite issues and their representatives.

    I understand that GOTV is always of cardinal importance.  But what a truly remarkable day for saner minds prevailing, even across the political divide, if Virginians definitively declare that they will not be ruled by extremists, particularly those who would deny to any woman the right to live, really, as a woman!  For the contrast really is that stark and that important.

    I believe that the eyes of the nation are far more directed upon the Virginia results of November 5 than any top official talley emanating out of New Jersey, as Chris Christie's presumtive win is really, in the end, something of a long-ago expected bore.

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