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View Diary: Maddow catches Sen. Rand Paul Plagiarizing Eugenics speech (195 comments)

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  •  Notice according to his own page (3+ / 0-)
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    Roadbed Guy, mmacdDE, icemilkcoffee

    that he "attended" Baylor; he was admitted to Duke Med without a bachelor's degree. Rand is very special.

    •  Yes, he is very special (0+ / 0-)

      since we all agree (himself included, no doubt) on that, I'll not pursue this topic anymore in case new revelations cause me to lose my current warm and fuzzy feeling about all this.

      One such revelation would be the I once felt even warm and fuzzier thinking that now that he is in Congress, at least actual patients would be spared interacting with him.

      But sadly that's not true, he occasionally goes out and does dog and pony show type stuff at free medical clinics (ugh!!).

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