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  •  Well done comparison. (0+ / 0-)

    Both are missing some crucial information that really has nothing to do with the timeline -- but are serious intelligence cover-ups that were covered by local Libyan news and NBC.

    Some of this missing information is what left the Obama administration vulnerable to attack.

    1.  At no time -- as everyone in Benghazi knew and as the entire Arab continent knew within the first 12 hours -- there were no demonstrations outside the Benghazi consulate. That was a complete fabrication that both President Obama and Susan Rice made in front of the UN. Very bad move.

    2.  Ambassador Stevens was removed from the so-called "consulate" by the attackers. He was taken into the city. There are only rumors of what was done to him, before he was abandoned on a street near the hospital.

    3.  Only two crucial sets of documents were missing from the files stored at the consulate. One concerned the new oil contracts awarded to Western oil companies after NATO murdered Gaddafi. The other set identified CIA safe houses and rendition centers in Libya.

    4.  There were weapons dealings going on, certainly. I won't challenge the narrative told above about the "humanitarian" roundup of weapons that the CIA supplied to the "Libyan rebels." But, it was known beforehand that Stevens was in Benghazi to meet with his Turkish counterpart about weapons transfers to the next planned clusterfuck in Syria.

    The story about the school opening was absolutely darling.

    Just as in the matter of the NSA, I would bet my life that President Obama knew nothing whatsoever, about what was going on at the time. He would have never lied to the UN more than a week later -- after the entire world knew there was no video protest in Benghazi -- if he had known he was doing so.

    Factions of the Federal government are completely out of the people's control -- and have been for sometime.

    "A strange game. The only winning move is not to play."
            -- Joshua, aka WOPR (War Operation Plan Response) automated nuclear-launch super-computer. "War Games," 1983.

    by Pluto on Tue Oct 29, 2013 at 07:28:46 AM PDT

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