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  •  I'm not surprised we are here (9+ / 0-)

    with NBC news doing their "we were hard on the GOP during the shutdown, so, we have to balance that out by being hard on the Democrats via the ACA roll out" thing.

    This is the same media that lumps people who were critical of the ACA because they wanted a more liberal outcome in with people who are fine with 30 million people having no access to affordable care and don't care if sick people die in pain to sell the idea that everybody just hates HCR.

    I'm coming to the conclusion that the ACA becomes accepted when the next Democratic President comes in and gives it a new brand identity that has nothing to do with Obama.

    We see it in the Kentucky roll out, divorce it from Obama's brand and the Teahadi like it.

    I have had Tea Party people here in Nevada, after ranting about Big Gubmint in my face, tell me that they would swap Medicare for All for ObamaCare.

    It's about Obama, not Big Gubmit.

    He's black, the Teahadi don't get how we won, hate that he won twice, and would trade Obama losing his legacy over actually getting rid of the ACA.

    Again. We see it in the Kentucky roll out, divorce it from Obama's brand and the Teahadi like it.

    It's hard not to see that as the ultimate statement of racism being a foundational issue of where we are with HCR and the fuel feeding the anti-ObamaCare fire.

    I am a Loco-Foco. I am from the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party.

    by LeftHandedMan on Tue Oct 29, 2013 at 10:25:35 PM PDT

    •  Yap. They would accept it if not for the black (5+ / 0-)

      Dude behind it. My mother is a real Obama hater but she has found out that Obamacare will help her. She has since toned down her anti Obama rants.

    •  funny thing is that this "even handed" type (3+ / 0-)

      of equivalency does not exist anywhere else.  For example, I enjoy asking Fox devotees why is it the preacher never has anything nice to say about Satan?  After all, if religion were fair and balanced, then it seems ministers would point out God's failings along with Satan's good points since that is what is demanded of political media coverage.  So far no one has any answers for me.  (same for cops and robbers.  No media story ever covers the good side of bank robberies)  

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