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View Diary: Intelligence officials contradict White House on foreign leader spying story (75 comments)

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    It's been common knowledge for quite some time that there is nothing hidden or secret that shall not be revealed or made manifest. But American Exceptionalism™ is so strong, so arrogant, so ingrained in our culture, that we think we're immune to the truisms of humanity.

    Sooner or later everything gets dragged out into the open. Yeah, we spy on folks, and they spy on us. But what could we possibly gain from tapping Angela Merkel's phone calls? Germany is a pretty dependable ally, and all we're going to do is piss them off by continuing this tap, which will eventually come out. It doesn't matter whether the President knew about it or not (but either way, it says something about his administration and its relationship to the intelligence apparatus), it's going to come out.

    Now the unseemliness really gets going in earnest, as everyone points at everyone else, whilst vainly trying to cover their exposed backsides. We damage our relationship with Germany and every other ally, we provide further justification for our enemies (foreign and domestic) to hate us, and anything even remotely useful we might have gotten out of the information acquired - if it exists - is rendered a nullity. Heckuva job, folks.

    It's time and past time to do a top-to-bottom housecleaning of our intelligence agencies. What are they doing, who authorized it, what do we hope to gain by it, what are the consequences if it becomes public, and what are the consequences if we discontinue it? If there aren't good, solid answers for each and every question, then maybe we shouldn't be doing that.

    The administration has earned and deserves every whiff of blowback from this stupidity.

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