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View Diary: Sierra Club Most Powerful Force in Hawaii Politics? (5 comments)

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    melo, Shliapnikov

    Gov Abercrombie appointed Sen. Schatz and to my knowledge they work together for Hawai'i well.

    It should be remembered that during the primary, the Governor and the Lt. Governor campaigned separately so they were each elected (in the primary) separately.

    For those who don't know, Sen Schatz was the Lt. Governor before he was appointed to the Senate after Senator Inouye's passing.

    Sen Schatz is busy rallying the troops to pass Marriage Equality in Hawai'i.  Both he and Gov Abercrombie (who called the Legislature into special session for this) are supporting Marriage Equality.

    But come to think of it, at the same time the Governor threw in a whole slew of nominations that need to be confirmed and Salmonson isn't the only stinker in the bunch. Hmmmm....while our attention was on this big controversial issue...oh wow!  Sneaky buggah!

     Back to Sen. Schatz.  He's stayed out of these smaller issues. (Maybe he figured we could handle it-- which we did.)

    Marriage Equality passed the State senate committees and comes up for a floor vote tomorrow? Thursday?  Then on to the House.

    We've got a huge Mormon/Catholic influence here and it would break your heart to hear the nonsensical testimony by the members of fundamentalist churches opposed to gays.

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