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View Diary: NYPD's Ray Kelly Booed Off Stage at Brown University Before Lecture on "Proactive Policing" (250 comments)

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  •  Brown University students, as it (0+ / 0-)

    should be with colleges anywhere, might be and usually are taught that the word univers[e] is the essence of a university, of a university education, of a university experience.  

    A police commissioner who has presided over stop-and-frisk -- shown to be implemented on significantly racial grounds -- cannot expect to persuade students in a [univers]ity that the admirably various world population is subject to discriminatory racism, to include stop-and-frisk for human beings simply walking down a street or waiting at a bus stop.

    In my opinion, the students' remarks were disruptive because Kelley's racist stop-and-frisk policy is unacceptable.  More to the local point, the policy runs counter to the mindset of what it means to hold a university education.  

    Kelley, as an emblem of stop-and-frisk, is the one who did the insulting by suggesting that such a policy is a valid instrument of governing.  

    Yet there he was.  Do the folks who run Brown want their students to reflect a reductionist and racist attitude toward the greater global populace?  I wouldn't think so.  I wouldn't hope so.

    Too late now, but I would have scheduled the event as a debate between Ray Kelley and New York Times columnist Charles Blow.  

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