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View Diary: NYPD's Ray Kelly Booed Off Stage at Brown University Before Lecture on "Proactive Policing" (250 comments)

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  •  not that Jeh Johnson is the right person for it (1+ / 0-)
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    but appointing Ray 'stop and frisk all people of color' Kelly would've been an open approval for his unconstitutional practices. Here's a bit about the guy who did get the appointment...

    Remember the scary Obama administration lawyer who claimed in sworn testimony before Congress in 2009 that his bosses had the intended to imprison anybody they imagined was a terrorist even after those persons were acquitted of any and all offenses by a civilian court? That was Jeh Johnson.

    Remember the well-connected administration official who justified the separate drone murders of a US citizen and his son in Yemen, declaring that the president had the right to summarily execute anybody they declared a terrorist? That was Jeh Johnson too.

    Remember the wildly delusional Pentagon official who declared that if Martin Luther King were alive he would embrace the US military as our defense against terrorism in this “complicated world”? That was also Jeh Johnson.

    Jeh, (pronounced “Jay”) Johnson is a former federal prosecutor, Pentagon lawyer and a Morehouse man, class of 1979, who raised more than $200,000 for Obama's 2008 campaign and was rewarded with the post of general counsel at the Pentagon. President Obama has just appointed Jeh Johnson to head his Department of Homeland Security. According to the president, Johnson has been a constant presence in the Obama situation room dealing with the ongoing threat of Al Qeda, which in plain language means that he was a regular at the president's “Terror Tuesday” meetings in the White House basement during which the chief executive and his honchos decide who to murder without accusation or trial each week, often on the basis of mere profiles.

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    without the ants the rainforest dies

    by aliasalias on Wed Oct 30, 2013 at 12:26:33 PM PDT

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