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View Diary: 30 House Democrats Joined the GOP to Sell You Out to Wall Street. Which Ones? (113 comments)

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    Here's an interesting example of cynical hypocrisy at its worst.  But let's take just one of these DIRTY THIRTY DINOs.  Let's take Congressman Henry Cuellar of Texas.

    If you go to his Facebook page (, you see his posting about the farm bill's $16 billion cut in food stamps to the millions of needy Americans who depend on this government subsidy assistance.  He calls the cut "unacceptable."  But . . .

    It turns out that this same Congressman Cuellar not only led the charge to pass the farm bill, but he voted FOR IT WITH THE MAJORITY OF REPUBLICANS, against the majority of Democrats who voted against the farm bill with this cut.

    Yes, it's bad, Congressman, it's an outrage that in the richest country in the world those struggling families that REALLY NEED food stamps will have less assistance to help them out.

    BUT the real outrage is (1) why Democrats in the Democratically-controlled Senate passed this, and (2) why a so-called Democrat in the White House signed this into law, and (3) why even you Congressman Cuellar voted FOR this cut in food stamps WITH THE MAJORITY OF HOUSE REPUBLICANS (instead of with the majority of Democratic Congress members who voted against it).  



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