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View Diary: House-Senate committee negotiating farm bill and food stamps is ... not inspiring (58 comments)

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  •  Stabenow represents a state full of farmers. (1+ / 0-)
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    Many of whom are milk farmers, who have interests of especial sharpness in the Farm part of the Farm bill, since if there is no new bill, they get the1949 deal.

    She is not unusual in determining that she will not let interests in defeating other parts of the Farm Bill end up in eliminating the benefits her farmers want.

    And as a deal maker in leaving an opening to allow those who already killed one farm bill in the House over this, couldn't pass one to save their lives, to get some crumb that would not hurt her farmers. It doesn't mean she will cut SNAP the way they want to, but as with other things, she is dealing with people who become enraged when they don't come home with some little crumb of victory to wave at their constituents that says they were not total idiots. They advertised that need for the crumb in their idiotic handling of the shutdown and the debt limit in this round as it is.

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