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  •  I'm 32, in case it matters. (1+ / 0-)
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    And you're not getting an argument from me that it's not a perfect assumption. I agree that it's dangerous to extrapolate from the mean to the level of individuals. But on average across the entire population, it's a true assumption. People who are older and still working tend to make more money than people who are younger and just starting out. This is both because they tend to work in more skilled professions (having had time to go back to school, etc) and because they have more experience. They also tend to have more accumulated wealth that they can dip into (again, that doesn't apply to everyone, but it's true on the mean of the population).

    The only way we can have true universal healthcare that doesn't leave anyone out is to have direct government funding/subsidies for at least some people, or all people. That's why I support single payer: it's the simplest system that could feasibly achieve the goal of universal access in our country.

    The ACA isn't perfect, and won't achieve universal healthcare access. I'm just stating why I believe age rating is less of a harsh measure than preexisting conditions are (although people tend to accumulate more preexisting conditions as they age, they can have them at any age, including at birth).

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